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3 years ago
Some of yall need to stfu. This is the hottest thing a man can hear. Demonic noises? Have u even made a girl cum? Or even cum yourself? It's uncontrollable and sexy. Choke on a dick
3 years ago
Is that the same guy in every scene? If so lucky him.
Truth 4 years ago
Pity he' s a known rapist.
Anita 3 years ago
I think Miko Dai had the best orgasm starting at 4:26. As she lays back, her body shakes and her stomach and lower abdomen tremble with sexual delight trying to contend with the several intense clitoral spasms she is experiencing.
Mike 3 years ago
I completely love going down on a Woman. When I can give someone this much pleasure it makes me very happy. Perhaps not as happy as her, but it's so rewarding.
Someone 4 years ago
"Truth," is that true?
Diane 3 years ago
Miko Dai is fantastic at 4:27. At 4:47 she experiences an oral sex orgasm that leaves her naked lithe body writhing around in pure sexual bliss for at least six delicious clit spasms. I would love to see her struggle naked up a dancer's pole and have a good body writhing leg kicking climbing climax sometimes referred to as a polegasm. Especially after seeing her orgasm on this video.
Prollyfwnr 3 years ago
Well done James
Ms.VirgoNoire 3 years ago
Thank you. I love the sound of orgasms
Linda 2 years ago
Josie Jagger is a definate must see at 13:11. When her orgasm strikes, her body immediately stiffens as she cries out in total sexual abandon. Her orgasm is so intense her budding tummy and lower abdomen tremble with obvious sexual intensity as the hot rush of the initial clitorial spasm floods her pussy.